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Skin Cancer

Most skin cancers are highly treatable, especially when they’re caught early, so having skin cancer screenings is an important part of your healthcare routine.

Any adult who’s never had one should consider scheduling a full-body skin exam to establish a baseline and to discuss whether, or how often, regular skin checks are necessary.

Annual skin exams may be recommended for anyone who:

  • Has a history of melanoma, other skin cancers or precancerous skin lesions

  • Has a first-degree relative who has had melanoma.

  • Has a large number of moles or a history of atypical moles

  • Has a history of tanning bed use.

  • Has a history of blistering sunburns.

  • Has a history of significant regular sun exposure through activities such as boating or living in a sunny location, or occupations such as landscaping or construction.

Our Skin Cancer Doctor, Dr Praveen Athota, have extensive training and experience and highly skilled in the accurate diagnosis and optimal management of skin cancer, melanoma and the full range of dermatological problems.


He is trained in Advanced Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery and certified in Dermoscopy;  an accredited skin cancer doctor for SCCA, and over 13 years of dermatology experience in the UK and Australia. 


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